Organizational Transformation

16 000

Organizational Transformation

  • Teams in companies of up to 300 people
  •  9 months
  • Trust, Go & Touch© model, diagnosis, individual and collective coaching, mentoring and training in room and virtual (2 coachs).
  •  It includes presentations, continuous communication between sessions, self-evaluation tools and videos and reports.

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Companies are currently facing new major challenges: the technological race, competition and globalization, which have generated a drastic change in consumer behavior. This reality makes the availability of flexible and reliable teams essential.

Three module accompaniment program:

Trust, Go & Touch ©

Based on a scientifically proven methodology and adapted to small, medium sized companies and management teams.


Expected to be obtained:

– Strengthened and motivated team thanks to visible “quick-wins

– Creating a common awareness of the need to work towards the sustainability of the company

– Roadmap for the coming years

– High level of trust from the company’s internal and external stakeholders

– Technical, human and financial resources optimized and focused on the achievement of major objectives


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