Individual Coaching


Individual Coaching

  •     1 Person
  •     6 virtual sessions of 1h00 during 3 months
  •     Active listening, awareness, action plan.
  •     Aimed at those who seek to obtain: career plan – assert leadership – stress management – develop creativity and capacity to innovate – balance family and work – time management.

More Information


Comprehensive accompaniment program consisting of face-to-face or virtual exchange sessions. Organized on a weekly, monthly or biannual basis. Meetings of active listening, powerful questions, introspection, awareness, action plans; within a trusty and safe space.

Get the results you expect

– Choice of curriculum

– Difficulties linked to your roles and responsibilities

– Stress Management

– Developing your creative skills

– Design and project management

– Time management and priorities

– Balancing professional and family life

– Relationships with employees


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