What if we were visionaries for a moment? What if we imagined what teamwork would be like in five years? A set of tasks often reconfigured into projects that bring together physical or virtual teams across borders and time zones.

Suddenly, the world has changed and we continue to adapt to this new reality, people increasingly need to acquire new skills.

WEBINAR "Accompanying tomorrow's project teams"

Wednesday, June 3rd

Sesión Terminada


19h15 (Local Time in Paris)

18h15 (Local Time in London)

10h15 (Local Time in Los Angeles)

13h15 (Local Time in New York)

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How do the Virtual Coaching Sessions work?

That is why we propose a tool for you to continue training for free and find strategies for project management in a practical, useful and effective way. So don't miss the opportunity to continue your training from wherever you are in the world and be part of our Webinar.

François Kaisin

Systemic coach in individual and team redesign, mentor, trainer and lecturer, founder of the company Morena Coaching International, a network that brings together professionals from more than 20 countries.

François Kaisin
Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation


+33 6 15 04 02 40 / +33 6 29 76 40 55

60 Rue Sauffroy, 75017 Paris, France

7 rue du Bel-Air, 89200 Avallon, France