The actual context of uncertainty forces us to embrace change and be more connected with the things we love. It is important to embrace joy starting from the resources we have at our disposal.

Discussing these topics with people from all over the world is just a click away! Are you adapted to this new reality?

Join our Coaching for All session where we will share experiences and explore these new trends to understand the most convenient way to adapt to this new reality.

Coaching for all

Wednesday, July 15th 19h15 Paris time

Sesión Terminada


19:15 (Paris Time Zone)

18:15  (London Time Zone)

13:15  (New York Time Zone)

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How do the Virtual Coaching Sessions work?

At the beginning, the coach makes a brief review related to the topic that brings the participants together. Through an open and sincere conversation, he promotes questions and answers between the coach and the participants. Great ideas are shared and generated, as well as awareness that lead participants to prepare for a new stage of life and to design it based on their skills, passions and needs. At the end of the confidential and anonymous meeting, each participant will be able to take with them a strong orientation or idea, and the intention to develop something concrete that will lead them to that new professional or personal stage they were looking for and to enjoy life using the best of their own potential.

François Kaisin

Systemic coach in individual and team redesign, mentor, trainer and lecturer, founder of the company Morena Coaching International, a network that brings together professionals from more than 20 countries.

François Kaisin
Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

+33 6 15 04 02 40 / +33 6 29 76 40 55

60 Rue Sauffroy, 75017 Paris, France

7 rue du Bel-Air, 89200 Avallon, France